Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why no reports on the Russian Market?

I tried to find reports from the Cambodia Daily or the Phnom Penh Post on the problems the vendors, us included, are facing at the Russian Market but could not find anything. Why I wonder. Do the papers not find the organised closure of the stalls over the weekend newsworthy? A customer just told me a few stalls were opened on Saturday and that the market was very dark. People who had opened stalls (we didn't) were begging the tourists to buy their wares because there were so few customers.

I wish I was in Phnom Penh so I can find out exactly what is going on. At the moment, my information is from the Bloom team in Phnom Penh, who are of course concerned about the shop's future.

The Russian Market is a landmark in Phnom Penh and a tourist destination. People do want to know what is going on. Will the papers only start reporting when the police come and confront the stall keepers?

Well, the good thing is some of the shops in the Russian Market are owned by rich Khmers, including celebrities. They'll be able to negotiate with the authorities...I hope.


Anonymous said...

See The Cambodia Daily story on the market closure Saturday/Sunday edition page 16, “Vendors Go on Strike at Russian Market,“ with photo of shuttered market.

Diana Saw said...

Thanks for that! I guess the Cambodia Daily does not upload its stories online as it can't be found. I'll try to get the paper. Thanks again!


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