Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kung-fu star Jet Li is now Singaporean

Photo from wikipedia. Beijing born action star Jet Li has taken up Singapore citizenship. He follows in the footsteps of another mainland Chinese star, Gong Li (no relation to Jet Li) who became a Singapore citizen last year.

Jet Li bought a 22,723 sq ft bungalow for SGD19.8 million (USD13.62 million) where he and his wife, former actress Nina Li Chi and the two daughters will stay. It seems in 2001, a party was thrown in that very house where two models claimed in media reports to have met football star David Beckham and later had separate trysts with him. Hahaha!

Foreigners cannot easily buy a landed home here as the Singapore government restricts foreign ownership of residential property, but of course, Jet Li is a star.

His kids will attend the Singapore American School, supposedly the most expensive school in the country. It is rumoured the Prime Minister's son attended the SAS.

shanghaiist posters were debating why he moved to Singapore. The consensus seems to be a more convenient passport, off shore banking laws, good food and low crime.

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