Monday, June 08, 2009

UN launches world’s first tuition-free, online university

Cambodians interested in higher education may be interested in this. The UN Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technology and Development (GAID) has launched University of the People, a non-profit institution offering higher education.

Students will be placed in classes of 20, and they log on to a weekly lecture, and take tests -- all online. There are voluntary professors, post-graduate students and students in other classes who can also offer advice and consultation.

The only charge to students is a US$15 to $50 admission fee, depending on their country of origin, and a processing fee for every test ranging from US$10 to $100.

You need a high school diploma and a sufficient level of English to apply. Be prepared to write between 400-500 words essay answering one of the followings questions:

1. In what ways can your fellow students help you to achieve your learning goals at the University of the People?
2. How do you think your university studies will affect your career in the future?

Find out more about admission requirements here.

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