Thursday, June 25, 2009

People I don't want on my blog

You have to click on the images to see what I'm talking about. I wrote previously in an entry called "who's reading who" about being able to see who visit this blog and how they come upon it. According to Statscounter, there were 120 unique visitors to this blog yesterday and 139 page loads. There were 13 returning visits.

These two screen grabs show in detail how visitors come to cambodiacalling. Pic 1 is someone from Middletown, New York, US who had used to find "Khmer girl for sale" and landed on my post "Khmer girl's eye gouged out by brothel owner". The guy came at 9:45pm yesterday and viewed 2 entries for a total of 19 seconds. Obviously he did not find what he was looking for. I was surprised he even bothered to view 2 entries. Usually assholes like this take one look and see this blog does not cater to them and make a quick exit. You can also see his IP address.

The second screen shot shows someone from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. This person googled "Cambodian teen brides" and stayed for 20mins 15 secs reading my post "18 year age difference on average between Khmer brides and Korean men" and another entry. You can also see his IP address.

I know of bloggers who use Google Analytics but I am happy with Statscounter. Fellow bloggers: go install one of these things --sitemeter is another one--it's useful to know who your audience is and why they come to your blog and what blog posts are most popular.


វិចិត្រ said...

you mean these people are bad?
how would know that? maybe they heard from someone about such problem, and they search throught internet to verify.

Diana Saw said...

Fair enough. May well be the case with the second person. For the sake of young Khmer girls, I just really hope you're right.


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