Tuesday, June 30, 2009

iPhone: Khmer unicode, water proof and porn

In February, channelasian asked on discussions.apple.com when the iPhone will support Khmer unicode. This led to a back and forth with another user who insisted to: "You bought a hacked phone. There are no authorized resellers of the iPhone in Cambodia at this time which is also why you don't have language support." [You can get officially unlocked iPhones in Cambodia, imported from Singapore.]

Another user weighed in: "You can keep track of where the iPhone is available here. Cambodia is not yet anywhere on the list. As for Khmer, this script is not yet included by Apple in the full version of OS X, so I think support on the iPhone is quite a long way off. But tell Apple you want it apple.com/feedback/iphone."

But all is not lost, channelasian noted "now there's someone can build khmer font and keyboard for iphone, but he sell too expensive. it's not the real version from apple."

Cool. Where there's a will, there's a way.

I found this youtube video where a man using his iPhone 3G S accidentally dropped it into a pool--"Wait, it still freaking works!"

Chanroeun (currently doing his PhD in Australia's ANU), who also left a comment on my earlier post, reviews the phone here: "unbelieveable latest iPhone 3G S".

A poster to the video says this is what to do if any phone, including your crummy non-iPhone falls into water:

"Take it out of the water as quickly as possible, do not press any burrons, turn it off, or any of that - get some uncooked rice and a ziploc bag, fill the ziploc up half way with the uncooked rice, place your phone inside the bag, fill the rest of the bag with rice. This will suck the moisture out of your phone overnight and has worked for everyone I know who has tried it."

Finally, there was a chance Cambodia would not be able to enjoy the iPhone. Anyone remembers Prime Minster Hun Sen's ban on 3G networks in 2006, a few months after operators started offering the service? All because his wife received porn on her phone. It made international news:
According to Reuters, Hun Sen announced the clampdown today to an assembly of Buddhist monks in Phnom Penh, with: "I have written to the Minister of Telecommunications to delay the use of certain mobile phones. We can wait 10 more years until we have managed to improve morality in society."
Hahahaha! I have no idea when this blew over but thank goodness we didn't have to wait 10 years to get 3G back. [For some great comments on this see CNET].


fabkk2002 said...

Check the iPhone Khmer Unicode, and keyboard pictures

Yes possible. With iPhone Jailbroken.

Cutevoodoo said...

Visit here: http://code.google.com/p/khmeriphone

You will surprise!


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