Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cambodian Reality Show: You're the Man!

Just saw this ad in the "Angkor Thom" magazine. "You're the Man!" is a Cambodian reality show in which 6 Khmer men take part in an adventure.

The show is funded by USAID's PRASIT programme ("Prasit" means "effectiveness" in Khmer), and is the acronym for the project name: “Project for HIV/ AIDS Strategic Technical Assistance. I guess they are funding it in the hopes that the show will somehow get their message on HIV/AIDS out ("I'm a real man! I use condoms!) I wonder in what ways, maybe through ads? I hope it will be more imaginative than that.

The reality show is sponsored by Starcell, Angkor beer and Southeast Asia Globe magazine.

Meet the contestants here: Panna, Socheat, Venvitou, Mony, Sesothea and Vichet. They age from 20-34. Looks like we can expect a good fight!

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