Friday, June 12, 2009

Russian Market vendors protest closure

I got a call from the Bloom manager in Phnom Penh this morning. Vendors at the Russian Market, where we have a stall, were told the government was going to shut down the market.

We have heard similar rumours for the last year or more, that the market would be closed for either (a) renovations or (b) relocation. In fact, the landlady at our former shop sold the shop, which was on the outside of the market, because she was told only shops inside the market would qualify for compensation. Shops on the outside are not considered part of the market, it seems.

Anyway, so all the shops have shut because the vendors are going to protest in solidarity. So we closed as well, which was a bit inconvenient as just today, a tourist had planned to pick up a bag she had ordered from Bloom.

It seems the owners are going to take their complaints to Prime Minister Hun Sen and the market will be shut over the weekend. I'll know what happens on Monday.

Bummer. It's low season and this closure is just going to adversely affect business even more.


Panharath said...

Ive heard about it too and I also went there to have lunch and grab some CDs, but all the stalls in Russian Market have closed for some kinds of protestation reason.

Diana Saw said...

Hey Rath, thanks for this...I've written an update on the market but do let me know if you hear anything. Cheers, Diana


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